Hold It Down.. with Set 2

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The flyer is bedecked in Christmas colours. There are snowflakes in the background…this looks like a Christmas party! Oh no it doesn’t! Oh yes it does! It’s the Hold It Down Christmas Bash, but we’ve forsaken the tree and the turkey because we’ve spent all the tinsel budget on another great guest DJ.

Set2 have sprung to prominence the hard way; by playing great house and techno records all over the north and building a strong dedicated crowd for their Collect! night over in Sheffield. That loyal following now makes Collect! one of the most over-subscribed parties around with over 1000 clubbers regularly ramming DLS to see Set2 bring the night to a climax with their blend of deep techno and thumping house. After terrorising their backroom with a Hold It Down takeover back in February, we can’t wait to get them over to Red Rum’s bass-ment to experience some Manchester madness!

As always, our three rambunctious residents will be on hand to stoke the party fires by recklessly lobbing out deviant disco, haphazard house, tumultuous techno and probably some festive party hats as well! What a way to see out 2013!

Hold It Down…

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