Hold It Down v Sauce

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It was back in January 2010 when we first visited Kraak Gallery, a back street Northern Quarter art space that metamorphoses into a clandestine den of iniquity after dark. Powered by some of Manchester’s more imaginative underground DJs and promoters, it was an otherworldly riotous experience which prompted the earnest discussions that lead to the formation of a small unassuming sporadic party that came to be called Hold It Down.

We wanted to recreate that spirit and that vibe but with our music and our friends and that’s exactly what we’ve done in the four years since, flopping out our distinct party sounds for ever more excitable crowds in backrooms, barns, basements and boats, not to mention the slightly more salubrious surroundings of well renowned club based parties like Basics, Sankeys and Collect. Whether we’ve warmed up for some of the best DJs around, gone back to back with tremendously talented residents or played all night (and all morning) ourselves we’ve always played brilliant records, had a good laugh and a great party and if that’s not what it’s all about then we don’t know what it is.

So as we close out our fourth year of Holding It Down it seems apt that we’re joining up with our mates and selectors extraordinaire over at Sauce who are the most recent enterprising partymongers to commandeer the Kraak art space and use it for their own hedonistic ends. The Hold It Down Christmas parties have gone down in history as being legendarily debauched so it’s the perfect spot to continue those tales..

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