Hold It Down.. On Stranger Tides

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Cast your minds back.. way back.. well maybe not that far actually, just to Spring 2011 when a still fairly fledgling Hold It Down crew commandeered a Mancunian barge, rigged up a set of decks and proceeded to treat the canals of Lancashire and 60 scurvy shipmates to some of the finest house and techno music they had ever heard!

We’re happy to say that in a couple of weeks we’re doing it all over again and will be sailing from beside the Dukes92 terrace in Castlefield at 8pm sharp on Friday 26th July. We’ve already sold the bulk of the tickets to the Hold It Down regulars but there are a few left at a bargain price of just a tenner for anyone who wants to strap on their sealegs and join us!

Two years ago we left the canals at 11pm and travelled straight over to Content where we continued the party by playing a few records upstairs while a certain Derrick May rocked the shit out of Joshua Brooks. The boys at Content have been kind enough to let us mimic the escapade two years on except this time it’s a legend by the name of Josh Wink who will be doing the professional job downstairs!

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