Hold It Down.. In The Middle Of Nowhere

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So here it is, four years ago we started Hold It Down specifically with the idea of doing an away day or weekend, a party out in the sticks in an abandoned shooting lodge, a remote barn or a dilapidated chapel. Somewhere along the line we started getting asked to play the likes of Sankeys and Basics and got a bit off track but we can finally announce that we’re teaming up with the boss party purveyors over at That Amazing Thing to co-host their annual weekend-long castle party in October. We have to keep the venue under our hats a little bit in the public domain but many of you have been there before and it always gets glowing reports as a party location. It’s a couple of hours drive away from our home base of Manchester and has bunk rooms so no camping is necessary, a relief for that time of year!

The castle is a seriously good find with all manner of nooks, crannies and passageways to explore, perfect for a weekend rambling about soundtracked by some amazing music. For those who don’t know, Francis and his crew specialise in good vibes party music along the the disco and house lines so they make an excellent match for the kind of happy nonsense we like to chuck out at Hold! 

This one off is seriously limited to 100 tickets! That Amazing Thing have taken their crew up there before so they know how amazing a weekend it is and are bound to be quick on the draw so don’t sleep, tap us up for tickets asap because they won’t be around for long..

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