Hold It Down @ Camp & Furnace

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Yeah, we know.. the New Years Eve beats are still ringing in your ears, the hangover has only just subsided and it’s hard enough remembering what day of the week it is, let alone whether you’re supposed to be back in work or not..

We all know from years and years of experience that this feeling doesn’t last though, by the time we hit the middle of the month the detox declarations are beginning to ring a bit hollow as the desire for a few drinks and a shimmy with your mates kicks in with aplomb. What couldbe more well timed then than this new Hold venture, with Andy, Tom and Benny heading over for the first of our monthly bar sessions at Camp & Furnace.

We’ll be packing plenty of the Hold treats that have made our first three years so memorable but mindful of the surroundings we’ll be digging deep in our collections to create more of a relaxed environment for lounging, chatting and boozing as well as raucous rump rolling! Perfect to ease you into 2013..

Hold It Down in Liverpool
@ Camp and Furnace
Friday 18th January 2013

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