Hold It Down @ Collect!

This Saturday sees us pack our bags, clamber up in to the cockpit of our battered Hold It Down Y-Wing, and set hyperspeed co-ordinates for the Sheffield system (South Yorkshire Sector). read more →

Hold It Down.. The Secret Speakeasy

Deep in an otherwise public Northern Quarter venue, hidden beneath the stairs, behind a hidden wooden panel lies a secret room. A speakeasy, where the cocktails flow and a private pool table is contested by jackalopes and rapscallions. It is here that come the end of July, we continue our Hold It Down adventures.. read more →

Hold It Down.. The Suburban Siege

Zzzzzzz.. After the bruising wake up from winter hibernation that was our raucous 5 hour guest set at Stomping Ground in January we’ve emerged from our self imposed party slumber ready to launch our skewiff bouncing belters on Mancunia for a another year of Holding It Down! We’ve found a cheeky little underused backroom just.. read more →

Hold It Down @ Sankeys

So, surprise surprise, summer appears to have been and gone. Kro Bar took a good Hold It Down hammering at our last party just a few weeks ago and despite the terrace turning out to be a little more rain splattered than sun battered the show well and truly went on and what a carry.. read more →

Hold It Down.. at Kro Bar

After cramming The Corner over the May Day Bank Holiday and showing Fallowfield exactly how we do, it’s time to dust yourself off and saddle up for Hold It Down…on the terrace. Like old pioneers blazing a new trail, on the final Saturday in July our groove-hungry family will be rolling up at the original.. read more →

Hold It Down.. at The Corner

Hold Up… Moving past Easter and fresh from a spot of raucous Chorlton basement bothering at our first bash of the year, we’re continuing our hobo party styles by bringing our nomadic rave crew to Trof’s uber-quirky venue The Corner; a brilliantly gritty Fallowfield club space big on bassbins and personality. Come the end of.. read more →

Hold It Down.. at The Nook

Dull disco. Expensive bars. Substandard minimal. Characterless house. Singlet vests and neon sunglasses. We’ve experienced all of these and more on recent nights out when all we want is to have a bit of a dance to some quality disco, house and techno in a good spot with others capable of keeping it real. To.. read more →