12 Apr 2013

Bido Lito! Interview Benny Maths

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Bido Lito Interview

Of late, aside from Hold business, I have been slogging away for Just Good Music PR to turn the idea for a Record Store Day competition into a reality. I had the idea that, instead of putting out some form of limited edition coloured vinyl, we’d actually get people involved and give them the chance to have something released on wax.

The competition is basically to remix Sir Vinyl Instinct’s ‘Fruit Fly’, an upcoming release on Itchy Pig Records that has already received the remix treatment from Saytek, Abe and Peza. The winner will have their remix added to both the vinyl and digital release. Two runners-up will have their remixes added to the digital release. If this has grabbed your interest and you want to know any more, then check out the event page over on Facebook.


The other day, as part of the promo for this competition, I did an interview with the wonderful people over at Bido Lito, a magnificent independent music magazine in Liverpool. We talked briefly about the competition, and then moved on to discussing the recent resurgence in popularity of vinyl, as well as the current state of the independent record shop scene. I found the questions to be really interesting, and I hope my answers matched them. To find out if this was the case, then read the full interview on the Bido Lito site by clicking on the link below.


And don’t forget, Record Store Day is on Saturday 20th April. Get out there and support your local independent.

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