Hold It Down v Sauce

It was back in January 2010 when we first visited Kraak Gallery, a back street Northern Quarter art space that metamorphoses into a clandestine den of iniquity after dark. Powered by some of Manchester’s more imaginative underground DJs and promoters, it was an otherworldly riotous experience which prompted the earnest discussions that lead to the.. read more →

Party For The People Podcast

Party For The People are a crew of charitable folk over in Sheffield who are making waves by putting on parties and selling tickets with all the proceeds going to good causes. When they asked us to put together a mix for their podcast series showcasing the whole of our sound we gave them this.. read more →

Collection Time

Tomorrow night we’re careering back over The Pennines, twisting and turning our way down Snake Pass to lend a hand at a decidedly large weekend of house music fuelled hedonism which is being laid on by the excellent partymongers over at Collect! in Sheffield and we can’t wait! It’s no exaggeration (and really no surprise).. read more →

Hold It Down.. On Stranger Tides

Cast your minds back.. way back.. well maybe not that far actually, just to Spring 2011 when a still fairly fledgling Hold It Down crew commandeered a Mancunian barge, rigged up a set of decks and proceeded to treat the canals of Lancashire and 60 scurvy shipmates to some of the finest house and techno.. read more →

Hold It Down @ Back To Basics

An absolute bastion of house music in the UK, Basics have been putting on parties for a stupendous 22 years and we’ve been hitting their dancefloor since we were still in school! We’re a little bit older now but certainly no wiser so here’s a taste from when we were invited to go ‘two steps.. read more →

Hold It Down.. At Back To Basics

Our Room 2 adventures take us to one of the pinnacles of house music in the UK, the venerable Back To Basics in Leeds! One of the true bastions of acid house in the UK, Dave Beer and his Basics crew have been putting on parties for 21 years! This one is not to be.. read more →

Basically unique..

It’s around 6am, sometime in the summer of 2002, and The Mint Club is lost in a cacophony of shimmers, smoke and throbbing house music. Daylight has begun to invade the periphery of my vision, creeping through from the alleyway outside where a healthy amount of people sit chatting animatedly, resting and meeting new friends.. read more →

Hold It Down.. with Luke Solomon and Chris Duckenfield

Hold It Down presents: Luke Solomon and Chris Duckenfield Friday 5th April 2013 @The Roadhouse After inviting Nottingham house legends The Inland Knights to our previous city centre foray, it was always going to be a difficult job to program another Roadhouse party, but we think we’ve done a decent job here with not one,.. read more →

Hold It Down @ Distrikt

An hour snippet from a March 2013 appearance at Distrikt in Leeds, a great little venue with a startling back roster of guests including Moodymann, Cajmere, Derrick May and Mark Farina. Not sure we reached those stellar standards but the place was jumping all the same! read more →

Hold It Down @ The Good Robot

A mammoth upload-for-download from our boozy four hour Sunday night throwdown at The Good Robot Weekender in North Wales on Easter Weekend 2013.. read more →