Hold It Down.. a patchwork posse of experienced nomadic DJs formed in Manchester in 2010 with the simple aim of having a laugh and descending on nooks, crannies, backrooms and basements for disco, house and techno adventures. Six years on our travels have seen us lobbing out beats at heaving temples of rave like Sankeys, legendary stalwarts of the house music scene like Back To Basics, bouncing festivals out in the sticks and hundreds of tremendous bookings in darkened rooms with thumping sound systems up and down the UK.

Since 2014 we’ve been chief residents at Liverpool club space Constellations, a great gig which has seen us tone down our nomadic ways and set up ‘home’ in a brilliant venue supporting DJs as diverse as Derrick May, Bill Brewster, Justin Robertson, Dan Le Sac, Hot Toddy and Dave Clarke!

With an unquenchable passion for fresh new disco, house and techno and an ongoing mission statement to play nothing but vivacious, inventive music that we love and believe in our Hold It Down adventures continue..